A question we all ask ourselves from time to time. In an industry that relies in a big part on the human element we all find it difficult to really know what our role as a human being is. At a minimum, it is necessary to know that we are trading our time, health and energy for money, some of which goes straight into our own pockets. But while that may be all there is to it for us, many of us ask ourselves from time to time:

“What is work again?”

No one has a crystal ball that tells us that the answer to such an important question will be found in that body we ride every day. It could be possible that you may have found yourself asking this question before, perhaps in a previous life – but in a different context.

If you are in a work environment, it is possible you were asked by a previous job, perhaps you were in some employment that challenged your capabilities / limits / ideas, and yourself wanted more. You could consider or consider trying something else. Or you may have been in a situation where your role brought a lot of satisfaction and/ or inspiration.

But before you start reminiscing, maybe you could use your experience to create something to remind you of what it was you did. Perhaps a visualization is your thing. Or a daily journal might be the way to go? Regardless of method(s), there are certain obvious advantages of doing so, and one of them is: to increase your chances of success in finding more work and a greater sense of purpose. Not to mention, the… resilience, sanity and happiness that comes with it.

We always need to make choices, and taking the time to go through the process allows us to take more informed, strategic and informed decisions.

Be your own saviour

One of my favourite affirmations comes from the Master’s Suite in the Calling of the Profound Field, and is titled “Be your own saviour. Understand that to make suggestions is just to refuse to repeat the problem for hours, and this is your job. And this is no mistake. When you possess that, you take responsibility and it never grows old.” That one big thrust from your mind is good for you, and it acts a catalyst for making more and more creative work every day.

Take Lateral Thinking

While you are busy making things happen, take a moment to think – how can I mix my learning with my daily work? How can I use my knowledge for my solution or my path? Can I use the knowledge I have gained from previous work to help me take care of and understand/ solve a different sort of problem, which may not have worked out before?

Doing so will develop your ability to start making innovative decisions. It’s less about straight-forward science and more about seeing a world that is right in front of you, and a certain path to it. In this new path, the prospect of troubleshoot, be sure to have in your mind all the parts that you deliver really well. As you consider the latter one, you may find that you can work on and support more and more partners in that solution.

Get creative

As humans, we need to help ourselves, and as humans, one of the strengths that comes with us is ‘creativity’. If you have read Dan Pink’s recent bestseller, A Whole New Mind, then it should have been obvious that this term is relevant to us. The world is getting more complex, and the sort of brilliance that we need to bring a conclusion to important matters, is being more unusual.

Embodiment is a powerful tool – if you have not already – we need to think like children: imagine yourself in a different situation, and think how you would go about solving a problem. toys, focus groups, surveys to see what is cool and what moves the consumers/ consumers are making.

But there’s another effect of this creative activity, and that is to hone our ability to generate more creative work. To look at what is out there in plain sight is a beneficial activity, encouraging our sight to being thus to come up with something better.

If you’re looking to get more out of what you are doing now, then try adopting a creative mindset. The top-10 list will provide you with some ideas, and I encourage you to employ and adapt them.