Looking for a new funds management software?  YNAB is becoming an office staple.  But is it the best money management software for budgeting?

There’s a debate going on about YNAB, a popular on-line financial software package claiming to simplify cash flow, cost management and budget creation.  The fact is there’s a lot of debate about YNAB, because the system is overpriced for what it’s offering.

But just how does YNAB compare to other products offering finance software?  Here’s what the YNAB Nation forum has to say:

When the program was released, reviewers gave the program several types of ratings.  From worst to best, here’s what the voters thought:

Although this review didn’t have many great comments, one comment above all stands out:  “I’ve used YNAB and it’s a great program. I haven’t been disappointed yet. It just hasn’t been the excellent program like some of the other ones I’ve used.”

Reviewers rated the software as having a “miser” rating, stating that, besides the price, the product didn’t offer much of anything else.  Rather than focusing on the price, readers of the YNAB Nation forum gave most of their praise to the software.  They awarded it with a positive rating.

With a solid score from the critics, the only negative here is that you buy the software rather than downloading from the computer.  Though it’s not the quickest to download (6.5 vs 7 downloads,) the product is light on features and just the smallest price.

The basic program only costs 97 dollars, a very reasonable price for a software package that’s been backed by both the consumers and the industry’s leading analysts.

On the other hand, as with any software program, if you wish to have a lot moreFeatures, you’ll want to go outside of the box.  Look for software that allows you to manage the debt of your budget and as well as how you spend money. You will find out when you go over the features on this product that it really does add a lot of value.

Average: 4/5

YNAB is distributing 100% of the profits from this sale to the purchaser, allowing you toForex tradingpirate this software free of charge.  By paying the software purchase price, you have not decentralized your financial assets and you now have more control over your monthly financial budget than before.

YNAB Nation forum, where the grossly overrated YNAB gains its popularity

There were questions on the YNAB Nation forum about the price.  There was much discussion, but no one individual disputed the price.  After tallying the prices of everything at 200 dollars,  YNAB Nation forum members agreed with the reviews, stating it was a drop in the bucket.

Many members on the forum agreed the price was worth it, as the software worked and produced well.

The real problem with the product, and this isn’t unique to YNAB but other products in the finance category in general, is the software isn’t transparent.

There’s nothing to see and no way to tell how the software will perform for you if you just pick it up and start using it.  It’s important for the trader to understand that the software is going to give you the tools to create a working budget, software the everyday man can use to track their personal finances, it’s just that there isn’t anybody to tell you you’re doing it the wrong way.